Networth Certificate

What is a Networth Certificate?

A net worth Certificate is a consolidated document that provides us with information on the total net worth of any individual, partnership firm, or proprietorship. Usually, this Net worth Certificate for Visa is issued by an authorized Chartered Accountant (CA). The CA will issue this certificate only after inspecting several documents, including the book of accounts, records, and documents, and the total assets and liabilities. This network certificate is needed to estimate the total financial worth of an individual, partnership firm, or Proprietorship at a point in time. If the Net worth is increasing day by day, it indicates that the financial status is good. On the other hand, a negative net worth shows that the financial status is declining daily.

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Uses of Networth Certificate

  1. Visa Application: When you have applied for a visa, it’s essential to submit the Networth certificate to estimate the financial net worth of the visa applicant.
  2. Bank Loan Application: Also, if you have applied for any bank loan along with the application form, you must attach the Networth certificate so that the bank will know the applicant’s net worth or the applicant’s business.
  3. Franchisee Application: Other than this, the franchisor may demand you to submit the Networth certificate to estimate the Networth of the franchisee, in case they are one the way of the franchise application process.

Steps to Acquire the Networth Certificate

Firstly, it’s essential to have a prior consultation with knowledgeable persons who lead to the right way of obtaining a Networth certificate for individual either for personal uses or net worth certificate for net worth certificate for partnership firm

Secondly, one must reach the Chartered Accountant (CA) to get the required service, or in some cases, one may also choose to take help from an online service provider.

Once the discussion is done with the CA, one can proceed by submitting the required documents, records, assets, and liabilities that the CA is asking for.

With all the provided documents, the CA will calculate calculations and prepare the certificate. Once the preparations are over, the CA will finally issue the total net worth certificate.

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Documents to Submit For Networth Certificate

  • Fixed assets: Like buildings, computer equipment, land, furniture, etc.
  • Intangible assets: Like goodwill, brand recognition, copyright, etc.
  • Investments details: Investments in shares, mutual funds, etc.
  • Capital of Business: Source of the business
  • Vehicles: Details the vehicles owned
  • Pledged securities Promissory notes, stock certificates, etc
  • Bank Balance: Ending cash balance in the account.

Sample Format of Networth Certificate

The certificate is provided as an original copy and the letterhead of the Chartered Accountant.


This is to certify that the Networth of M/s. __________________ (Clg. no. ___), member of The Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd. as on _____________, as per the statement of computation of Networth of even date annexed to this report is Rs. _________/- (Rupees __________________________ Only).

It is further certified that the computation of Networth, based on my / our scrutiny of the books of accounts, records, and documents maintained by the member and produced before me/us for verification, is true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge and as per information provided to my / our satisfaction.

For (Name of Accounting Firm)
Name of Partner / Proprietor
Signature & Seal of Chartered Accountants
Membership Number :

Place :
Date :


Thus, a ca certified Net Worth certificate will help us determine the financial status of the self or the business, so knowing how to get a Networth certificate is very important. Also, it is important to get that Networth certificate from an authorized Chartered Accountant to ensure its value. In case you approach an unauthorized service, the certificate issued may not be valued and considered fraudulent.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Chartered accountant usually provides a Networth certificate as they are the authorized certifier of a Networth certificate.

It’s not essential for everyone to have a Networth certificate. It varies from person to person and is based on the situation and entity, and purposes. If you have applied for Visa, franchisee, or a bank loan, it’s good to have a Networth certificate.

Yes, it is mandatory to have the UDIN for the Networth Certificate. So once you get the Net worth certificate, please make sure you register at the UDIN Portal.

Net Worth is usually calculated by subtracting the total liabilities from the total assets.

Net Worth = Total assets – Total liabilities

This is what is called ‘Shareholder Equity. It is the same formula used to calculate the Networth of the business firm or an individual.

Considering net worth certificate for proprietorship, Firstly, an investor list of all business and personal assets is prepared. Then the market value of the assets is determined. Noe, any outstanding liabilities from the assets. If , any payments have been made on the assets, then the balance of the loan is subtracted from the market value. Finally, the equity from all the assets is added. The final result or the value obtained is the net worth of a Sole Proprietor Business.