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Income Tax Return

What is Income Tax? Income tax is the tax that an individual or a company is ought to pay to the government against the income earned by them during a financial year. Every entity is responsible for paying its taxes on time as taxes are the source of revenue for the government. More revenue for [...]
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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Services for Startup What is Virtual CFO Services CFO, The Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for managing the financial activities taking place within the business. They will be holding the topmost position in the organization. It is the responsibility of the CFO to track the cash flow and help in financial planning. Also, [...]
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Company Registration

What is Business or Company Registration? Giving your business an attractive and unique name is very important to cover most customers in the business. But apart from naming, registering the business name with the Government of India is the essential step next. By registering your business name, you can protect it from other users. Usually, [...]
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Concurrent Auditing

Audit or auditing is an independent checking procedure that involves checking or studying the financial details and information of any entity, company, or organisation. It involves examining whether the company is profit-oriented or not and expressing an opinion thereon. There are different types of audit or auditing, each of which is used in different circumstances. [...]
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Networth Certificate

What is a Networth Certificate? A net worth Certificate is a consolidated document that provides us with information on the total net worth of any individual, partnership firm, or proprietorship. Usually, this Net worth Certificate for Visa is issued by an authorized Chartered Accountant (CA). The CA will issue this certificate only after inspecting several [...]
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Business Valuation

Annual Business Valuation Service What is Business Valuation Business Valuation Calculation can be defined in simple words as a process or a procedure that companies and organizations more commonly use in estimating the economic value of a business or any company unit. With the help of the Annual Business ESOP Valuation Service in Pune, one [...]
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